"Beach-lovers and surf hounds have long favoured the wild beauty of Costa Rica for their annual dose of sun and sea. The arrival of the bijou, adults-only Mint Santa Teresa hotel is just the excuse we need to block out some dates for our summer retreat"
"Stay at newly opened adults-only boutique hotel Mint Santa Teresa. With only four rooms, each with a rooftop terrace, the maximum capacity is eight guests, so naturally, you’ll feel like you’re apart of a small community among the other guests"
"Mint Santa Teresa, un hotel en armonía con su entorno. Concebido por Studio Saxe, este hotel en Costa Rica combina diseño moderno europeo y artesanía tradicional costarricense"
"...el Hotel Mint Santa Teresa, un espacio perfecto para esa nueva forma de turismo en la que los viajeros no se conforman con un sello en el pasaporte, sino que buscan una experiencia completa, disfrutando del lugar, su cultura y sus habitantes"
"Studio Saxe designed Mint to fit in with its surroundings. Four guest bedrooms are separated into individual volumes to step down the hilly site, resting on terraces made of stone. Gaps left between the suites leave space for trees to grow up through"
"Contemporary Costa Rican coastal hotel combines modern design and traditional craftsmanship.The experience at Mint Santa Teresa is part of a new form of tourism, where visitors want to learn more about a destination and get a sense of what it is like to actually live there"
"Mint welcomes you to a world of blue and green, a chance to escape from urban reality. While the sharp lines and bright white of the buildings contrast the lush green backdrop, there is a yin and yang between nature and concrete, where neither dominates the other — they share the space"
"Mint Santa Teresa, encompassing a total of 660-square-metre area, blends a European design aesthetic with Costa Rican craftsmanship – created to ensure that guests can commune with nature, each other and local people"