How to get to Santa Teresa

One of the most common questions we get is "How do we get to Santa Teresa from San Jose?" so here it is, the big guide on how to find this little paradise (just don't tell too many people about it :))

Most international fights arrive at Juan Santamaria airport in Alajuela, just north of San Jose. From there you have several options on how to get to Santa Teresa, but we recommend one of the following; renting a car and drive, take a shared shuttle or fly.


Since Santa Teresa doesn't really have a town center but is spread out along the coast line, having a vehicle during your stay here can be a great way of seeing some more of the area and to do day trips to nearby towns like Montezuma or beaches like Playa Hermosa. We recommend renting a car with  Alamo since they have an office here in town and can easily help you, would you need any assistance while here. Make sure to rent a four wheel drive since the roads in this part of Costa Rica are very bad. When you arrive at the airport find a representative from Alamo, usually waiting outside with a van to take you to their office where you will pick up the car.

Now, time to start driving.

Choose route 27 to Puntarenas, it will take you about 1.5 hour to get there sometimes longer since traffic can be pretty bad in San Jose area. Once in Puntarenas go to the harbor and  take the ferry to Paquera. You can't buy tickets in advance and on busy days you might need to be at the harbor early to make sure there is space for your car on the ferry. You can find the ferry schedule here. The ferry ride to Paquera takes about 1.5 hour and  it's a pretty interesting ride that pretty often turns into a party with dancing and some times even karaoke. After the ferry, follow the road towards Cobano and from there you will have signs leading to Malpais/Santa Teresa. To get to Mint take right in the crossroads when you get into town and drive about 1 km towards Santa Teresa until you see a sign on your right hand side "Villa Cacao". Turn right and follow the road up the hill for about 100 meters and we'll be here waiting for you! The whole trip take about 5 hours if you time the ferry well and don't get stuck in too much traffic.


If you don't feel like driving yourself, a great option is to take a shared shuttle. We work with Tropical Tours that have shuttles leaving San Jose twice daily. The shuttle will take the same route as described above and you will have to get your luggage of the shuttle to change car after the ferry. The ride takes about 6 hours and cost 51 USD per person. 


The fastest way to get here is by air. Sansa, Costa Rica Green Airways and Aerobell all offer daily flights from San Jose to Tambor and from there we can organize a taxi to pick you up and drive you to Mint. The flight takes about 30 minutes and  the taxi from Tambor to Mint takes about 45 minutes and cost 50 USD. This is a great option, both fast and fun since you will fly in a small plane on low altitude and you will have the opportunity to see Costa Rica from above.  


If you need any help booking any of these options or still have questions, please send us an e-mail, We are happy to help you with whatever you need!


  1. thierry marchand

    good morning, i just discovered your hotel and i love it, i know the area of Tamarindo very well having spent many summers around Playa Grande, i even bought a piece of land on the beach and then got turned down for construction like so many others.
    i have not given up my dream of building a house there, i am curious about the area and our opinion about living there, when you have time, please let me know what do you think of this area of Costa Rica>
    thank you!

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  4. Gaby

    It is highly recommended to take a rental car – 4×4 in any case! – as it is a great trip from San José to the Nicoya Peninsula and you will be flexible to explore the region around Santa Teresa with all those incredibly nice beaches! Have a safe trip and enjoy.

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