The First Post

Hey hey hey

This is the blog of Mint Santa Teresa, a newly opened boutique hotel in the most magical place on earth, Santa Teresa Costa Rica. I’m Johanna and I own and run Mint together with my boyfriend Jonas. We have been living here for the last four years and in this blog I hope we can share some of our favorite things to do, eat and see here in Santa Teresa.

If you have any questions or are interested  in booking a room at Mint, send us an e-mail

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  1. Natasha Becker

    Hello from Florida! I am trying to find your rates and availability but I must tell you that your site is not allowing me to do so!
    I’m working on a trip, yet to be determined, to visit in early September for a week. Please reply with more information or if you’re working with a broker.
    Thanks for your time! Natascha Becker.

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